What’s Next?

Now that we’ve joined the Pikes Peak Library District, What Happens Now?

If you’ve been by the Library lately, you’ve already seen some of the changes as PPLD goes about the business of improving our beloved Carnegie. Hope you got your new library card, too! For the Friends of the MSCL, we are also moving forward on behalf of the Library. We are looking for people who are committed to this community to serve on our board. If you are interested, let us know! Also, as you have read above, we are looking to build our membership. There are so many perks and benefits to being a Friend. We hope you’ll become a part of our Friends group and help us help the MSCL.
If you’ve been a member or donor before—and you’ve given to us on behalf of restoration and expansion—rest assured your money is safe and in good hands. We are in the process of moving our accounts over to PPLD, namely our operating fund and Wish List account (to be used to fund needs identified by MSCL staff). The $40,000+ that is specifically earmarked for expansion will be entrusted to the PPLD Foundation Board of Directors. This board oversees the management of the Endowment Account. To view the Board’s policy on investments, click here.