Trusting pharmaceutical companies

We expect drugs to be safe

It seems like every time we turn on the television, there are commercials informing us about a class action lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company linked to one of their manufactured drugs that are injuring or killing people. So, what are the facts? Are prescription drugs, or even non-prescription drugs, harming us more than helping us?

drugs have many benefits

the Facts About Drugs

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Use as directed

First of all, let us say that the majority of prescription and non-prescription drugs in the marketplace today in the United States are very safe when used as directed by the drug’s manufacturer or by a qualified doctor. Without these medications, many people would be very sick with no way to relieve their symptoms or cure their diseases. Many complications arising from the use of medications happen when the user does not properly follow the directions. Other complications can happen when one person shares their medication with someone else without knowing their medical history.

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allergies to medications

Allergic reactions to medications are usually very rare. The symptoms of an allergic reaction can begin within hours of taking a medication or can develop up to two or even six weeks later. Your body’s reaction to a medication allergy can range from mild symptoms to a life-threatening event. Some of the symptoms of medication allergies are skin rashes, itchy skin, or pimples; hives; dizziness; wheezing; or a swollen face, lips, or tongue. Other symptoms can also occur. Any person who develops any type of symptom after taking a medication should contact a doctor immediately.

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harmful drugs

Although drug manufacturers create medications with the intent of helping people who are suffering from diseases or pain, sometimes those medications can cause serious harm or even death to the user. This may be happening more often today due to the lobbying efforts of the pharmaceutical industry on congress wanting to bring their drugs to the public sooner, before sufficient long-term testing can be completed. Sometimes companies withhold vital information from the public. In Kentucky, a Louisville personal injury attorney writes that he is seeing a significant increase in dangerous drug cases.

making better choices

Protect your health

The best way to prevent yourself from being harmed from a medication is not to take one unless it is absolutely necessary to cure your disease. Too many people today are taking too many medications for mild pain or other mild everyday symptoms when they don’t really need to. To be sure, consult with your doctor. When your doctor prescribes a medication for you, ask him or her if it is absolutely necessary to cure your medical problem or if it just help relieve the symptoms. Then you can make a better-informed decision.